This is Abercrombie.  He was almost 9 lbs when we rescued him.  He was blown up like a balloon and unable to use the bathroom.  He had to have several teeth removed and has ongoing dental issues.  We presume his condition was from a high sugar diet.  He is now 5 1/2 lbs and healthy.  At this point, he only has to have his teeth trimmed every 4 months.  He's really come a long way.

Abercrombie has a broken hip.  There is nothing that can be done surgically.  He gets around pretty well.  But, lately he has been having a little more difficulty.  He is a senior bunny.  Dispite his hip issues, he is loving and bonded with two girls who think he is the bees knees!

Abercrombie  is the ambassador here at the sanctuary.  He welcomes each newcomer with open arms. He is shown above with a baby newcomer.  The little baby was caught in a park where children were beating the bunnies with sticks.  He was scared to death. If anyone tried to touch him, he would scream.   Abercrombie was able to make the baby feel comfortable and let him know he was safe.  Once the baby was old enough, he was neutered and bonded with a lovely female.  They are both living in a bunny paradise at their new mom and dads home.