Our mission is to give compassion, care, and love to those who have never known it before.   100% of your donation will go to the rabbit's medical care.


The special needs rabbits who have been discarded are the ones who speak to our hearts.  We rescue rabbits who have been dumped and living on the streets.  Because of their illness or injury, these rabbits are awaiting euthanasia at a local animal shelter.  We are literally their last hope of survival.  


Each rabbit receives emergency medical care upon the day of rescue and receives any surgery, medication, physical therapy, or 24 hour care that they may need.  No rabbit is ever turned away because of their extensive injury/illness.  If they are capable of having a pain free quality life, they will get it with us.


Because of the rabbit's special needs and the long term care needed, they will remain with us in a home environment.  They have tons of fun daily running and playing outside in the sunshine in our secured organic bunny yard.  The rabbits at the sanctuary have the very best of everything and that includes lots of cuddles.  They are finally shown how wonderful life can be and what love is truly all about.


The sanctuary is run by donations.  100% of your donation will go to the bunny's medical care.