This little cutie is, Journey.  We were contacted by the shelter to please come get a bunny with a possible broken back who had paralysis in her back legs.  We rushed to the shelter and when we saw this little darling, we were elated that she had splay leg and not a broken back.   That's a much better diagnosis!!

The shelter informed us that Journey, was brought into the shelter with 7 other bunnies, including the mother, all in a tiny little rabbit cage.  She had horrible urine scald, bleeding pressure points on the inside of her legs, and matted soaked urine and feces in her fur.  It was the worst case I have ever personally seen.  Journey was spayed the very day we rescued her because she had a large, infected uterus.  She was only three months old.  But, we did not have a choice.  The infection was so bad, it would have killed her.  We had no choice but to go forward with the surgery and it was a success!!!!!

Today,  Journey is a happy "clean" little girl.  She runs and does binkies in her own little adorable way.  She really has become a very happy little girl.  Photos are from the day of rescue and Journey today.