This beautiful girl is Monroe.  Monroe is a senior bunny.  She was dumped at the shelter because she had a HUGE growth in her abdomen.  It was so large, she was having trouble walking/hopping.  It was determine by the shelter staff that her uterus was the problem and it was in jeopardy of rupturing.

The first photo is of Monroe prior to her emergency spay.  You can see her midsection bulging from her uterus.  Second photo is of a very happy, 2 lb lighter Monroe.  It was the first time in a very long time that she was able to run and play.  Third photo is Monroe with her now bonded friend, Reign.  It was love at first sight.

Our vet did emergency surgery on her the very day we rescued her.  Her uterus weighed 2 lbs!!!  Monroe herself only weighs 4 lbs.  No wonder she couldn't move around very well!!

She is doing beautifully now and even has a boyfriend.  She's bonded with Reign.  We don't anticipate her having any more problems because of her spay so late in life.  But, since she is a senior girl, she will live out her life at the sanctuary.