Update:  Sadly, Reign has had some set backs.  Earlier this year, Reign had to have his right eye removed.  It was discovered that Reign suffers from, E cuniculi.  He will be plagued with these horrible parasites for the rest of his life, as there is no way to eradicate them completely from his little body.  They will flare up unexpectedly through out his life. This has also caused him neurological issues as well.  Reign now also suffers from a significant headtilt.

This is our sweet little boy, Reign.  When we rescued him, he had no hair.  It was too cold for him to be in the air conditioning, so we had a sweater made for him.  He really loved it!!  Reign had a fungal infection and extremely low blood protein and electrolytes.  Our vet is hoping the blood and electrolytes will correct themselves with proper nutrition.  We will have his blood tested once again in a couple months prior to him being neutered.  He's very tiny.  Our vet wants to wait a month or two before he has surgery.

Reign, is a permanent resident here at the sanctuary.  He will have long term health problems and will need on going medical care.